Bluefriars - 8th July 2006   

Booking form
Please use a separate form for each visitor who plans to row in the afternoon. Include other members of the party on one form.
Use of email is requested
Names of people in your party
'A' should be the member of the party who may row in the afternoon
Please give the names of all members of your party. There is no need to repeat the names further down the form - just use the letters A,B,C,D,E as appropriate.
Sculling and Rowing 'Taster' in the morning
Sculling boats will be made available to those of you who arrive in the morning. Help will be on hand to give complete beginners a short lesson in sculling (if the weather and stream conditions are suitable), and more experienced scullers may have longer outings.

Changing facilities will be provided at school.

A  Novice   Rusty   Competent 
Others  Letter codes of others wishing to scull 
Rowing in the afternoon
A  Beginner   Rusty   Competent 
 Bowside   Strokeside   EitherSide   Cox 
 Short Outing   Medium outing   Long Outing 
Please add crew composition requests and any other relevant information about rowing in the box below
Comments about rowing
Provisional arrangements are:
Visitors may bring picnic lunch, which may be eaten at the river, or at Longmead
Only light refreshments will be provided at tea
The evening reception will be at school
Supper will be informal. Probably barbecue on a grand scale
Tea  Letter codes of people for light refreshments at the river 
Reception  Letter codes of people booking for the Principal's Reception before dinner 
Children's Meal  Letter codes for children's evening meal 
Dinner  Letter codes of people booking for standard evening meal 
Dietary Needs  Letter codes of people booking for evening meal, with special dietary requirements   Please specify special dietary requirements 
It is unlikley that overnight accommodation will be made available by the school, but please indicate below if you would appreciate hospitality locally.

Also indicate if you would be willing to put someone up for the night in the Bath area.

COST: The cost of the dinner/supper is being kept down. It is not fixed yet, but will almost certainly be less than £20 a head, with no extras. A request for payment will be made later.

Those who make bookings will be kept informed of developments by email. Lists of those intending to be present will be sent to others who have booked, in the hope that the word will spread, and more will be encouraged to attend.

Do get in touch with Julian Bewick, who will be happy to help.

Form version : 30 November 2005

Please add further information here if you wish
Agree  I agree that my email address may be passed to others who indicate that they will be attending 
 Please do NOT pass my email address on to others.